Alihusain Ragib

When Alihusain Ragib arrived in Kuwait in 1965, he never thought that he would end up as a business owner. As a professional in an optics company, where he had worked for ten years, he was comfortable in his job. Then guidance from the current leader of the Dawoodi Bohra community gave him the courage to pursue his own business.

Ragib ventured into the garments business where one of his early consignments from Hong Kong rendered him a great loss. Brought to the crossroads, he implored the community’s leadership for guidance and was advised to have faith and keep going.

Ragib called his brothers from Mumbai, and sought to expand his business with their help. At the time, Kuwait’s economy was starting to boom, resulting in success for those like Raghib who had faith and chose to persevere. However, as a result of the war, Ragib’s business, like most businesses at the time, took a turn for the worse and left him struggling to make ends meet and he was forced to move to Dubai with his family in search of better prospects.

After a year-and-a-half in Dubai, Ragib returned to Kuwait, more determined than ever to resume from where he had left off. In addition to his garment business he also set up a small jewellery outlet at an American Military base in Kuwait.

Today, Ragib and his brothers own three retail malls and two wholesale centres dedicated to their garments business as well as three jewellery showrooms in different parts of Kuwait.

The cooperative and friendly nature of the nation’s native residents have enabled many like Ragib from the Bohra community to run successful businesses across the country. Locals value the contributions of the Dawoodi Bohras and identify them as ‘a community of traders’.

Ragib says that the community has always welcomed the leadership of the late Emir Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah who greeted the Bohra community with compassion and amiability throughout his days. The Bohra community continues its support for the incumbent Emir and his vision for the prosperity and betterment of all.

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