Mufaddal Dahodwala

A cosmopolitan destination, Dubai has been and continues to be a hub for growth, enterprise and engagement. It was these characteristics that saw a young Mufaddal Dahodwala arrive at its shores in 1991. Mufaddal had just completed his BCom in his native Mumbai, and inspired by his father to explore the world, set out for Dubai trying his luck at a reputed electronics company.

Mufaddal was convinced that business was his calling. Being a naturally gifted salesman, he ventured into the jewellery business and slowly gained ground. However, after a while he chose to change fields. He teamed up with his younger brother, whose tech-savviness blended well with his own administrative expertise leading them to open an electronics firm.

Mufaddal believed strongly that IT was the business in which they could grow exponentially. The economic prosperity of Dubai and the influx of tourists ensured that his business moved from strength to strength. Having started in 2007, Mufaddal is content with the way things have panned out. He firmly believes that development does not happen on an individual level, but rather on a collective basis.

His vision to run a business on his own could not have been realised without the country’s business-friendly laws and world class infrastructure. Mufaddal is all praise for Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai saying that, ‘He always thinks ahead. His policy of encouraging people of different backgrounds and empowering them has led to the development of the country. Here, the vision is to grow, but more importantly, to grow with the community.’

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