Taher Cutlerywala

Arriving in Doha was in part due to the influence of his peers for Taher Cutlerywala who decided to do so when he saw some of his friends migrating to the gulf region in the late 1970s. Although he had a modest stationery & cutlery business in Mumbai, Taher sought to move abroad hoping that fate would smile on him.

Initially he struggled to make ends meet as he had a difficult couple of years living alone and with no knowledge of the local language or culture. However, he remained determined to carry on and in retrospect, he is glad that he chose to persevere.

When he arrived, Qatar had recently found natural gas reserves and had set itself on the trajectory of development. The next three decades saw Taher flourish in Doha. He had begun as an assistant to a local businessman and eventually set up his own hardware firm called Abdullah International.

According to Taher, the young and energetic leadership of the country has transformed it not just into an economic success but a cultural hub as well. In 2017 the Dawoodi Bohra community’s Radiant Arts initiative organised an exhibition titled, A Gathering of Hearts and Crafts at Qatar’s renowned Katara cultural village, providing community artists an international platform to showcase their talent.

Taher’s tenacity and perseverance have served him well as he reaps the benefits of doing business in a country that offers him and others like him a good livelihood and a comfortable life.

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