Zohair Hassanally

At the young age of twenty-six, Zohair Hassanally left Mumbai to work as a sales manager at a company in the Middle-East. Little did he know that his job would take him to several countries for training purposes, before giving him the opportunity to finally settle in Muscat, Oman. He fondly recalls that period in his life and watching the Middle East develop before his eyes considering himself lucky to be a part of it.

Oman had been a rising star of the region when he arrived there in the 80s and right from the beginning, Zohair had experienced a feeling of bonhomie with the nation and its people. He has always found the society to be cultured, respectful and welcoming to all.

The nation’s encouragement for a diverse economy provided Zohair’s wife an opportunity to start a business in the computer hardware and software market which gradually turned into a successful venture. Zohair himself quit his job to run the business in 1992.

Nearly thirty years down the line, Zohair feels at home in Muscat. He says Muscat is one of the most developed, educated and cleanest cities in the world owing to the able leadership of the late His Majesty Qaboos bin Said Al Said who focused on three key areas namely, education, healthcare facilities and infrastructure. These have been the three sides which have shaped the triangle of development.

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