Zohair Poonawala

In 1972 a college friend from Abu Dhabi called Zohair Poonawala asking him to come and settle there to take advantage of the abundant opportunities present during that time. Although he did not entertain the thought at first, Zohair eventually answered his call and arrived in Abu Dhabi when the modern-day cosmopolitan city was still ‘a town in the sand’.

This shift gave a new direction to Zohair’s life and he was fortunate to gain much headway in his new land of abode. He started out as chief accountant at a construction firm and gradually transitioned into the hardware business.

Achieving independence in 1971, UAE was a relatively new nation on the global platform at but it was one with a dynamic leadership which wanted to bring peace and prosperity to all those who dwelled within it. Zohair recalls, ‘In those days there was so much construction activity… you could see cranes everywhere. I have seen the Abu Dhabi skyline rise right from nothing but sand to towering high-rise buildings.’

The country was becoming a melting pot with more and more expats coming in. The cosmopolitan nature of society led to the flourishing of all sectors as people and ideas began to converge. The local Emirati population embraced this model of a liberal society, whilst retaining their age old cultures.

The late ruler of UAE, Sheikh Zayed al-Nahyan empowered businesses by pursuing progressive economic policies and pathbreaking infrastructure projects which eventually boosted tourism and made Abu Dhabi a successful commercial hub.

The ease of doing business and the amiable nature of the local community has enabled Zohair to achieve great heights in his venture.

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