Moving towards manufacturing

Dawoodi Bohra community members in Dubai hosted an online panel discussion titled ‘Moving Towards Manufacturing’ where leading UAE-based manufacturers were invited for a panel discussion on how one can expand from trading to setting up a manufacturing plant in the UAE.

• One of the panellists was Mr. Hussain Nalwala, owner of Sharjah based Anchor Allied factory LTD. They are a leading manufacturer of spray paints, silicone sealants and adhesive tapes. He gave his insights on why we should move towards manufacturing. He explained the benefits of being at the top of a supply chain, where it gives the manufacturers full control on various aspects of their product and brand. This includes controlling quality, offering better prices to end users along with better delivery times.

• Highlighting the importance of what type of products to manufacture, Mr. Mufaddal Kanchwala of Sunlube Lubricants Industry LLC, a Ras al Khaimah based manufacturer of automotive and industrial lubricants, talked about market niche and identifying the gaps in the marketplace. That will help determine which products to manufacture.

• ‘Proper planning leads to efficient execution’. was the time-tested advice offered by Mr. Moiz Vahanvaty, owner of Pinnacle Packing Industries LLC, based in Dubai. They are manufacturers of packing material for the UAE and GCC market. Moiz highlighted the importance of proper planning prior to starting a manufacturing unit. Who are your customers, what techniques or machinery is required, identifying any barriers to entry, were some of the questions one needed to look closely to before venturing, he said. Having a strategic business plan answers all these questions and will save one a lot of time and cost in the later stages.

• ‘Gathering business intelligence is the key to success’ as per Mr. Aziz Nasir of Al Mohamadi Light Industries. Based in Ajman, they are manufacturers of disposable packaging, clearing and hygiene products. Mr. Aziz highly believes that one should be well aware of market trends whilst also making it a point to visit trade fairs and exhibitions to learn contemporary trends and practices in their particular industries. As innovation keeps elevating the benchmark of different industries, it is thus important to adopt and adapt to change as quickly as possible.

The panellists also highlighted that the UAE’s vision towards strengthening its industries offer businesses a host of opportunities that is coupled with a robust infrastructure.
Taking advantage of the many incentives offered by the Government for setting up new industries is paramount in order to make foray into the manufacturing sector within the UAE.
Ultimately, it is important to maintain a robust customer base by adding value to the relationship and thus an eventual shift towards manufacturing has become an important part of a business’ long-term vision for growth.