Together We Triumph Against Covid-19

As part of its continuous efforts to provide medical and health assistance to all, the Dawoodi Bohra community in the United Arab Emirates had launched a #RiseToVaccinate campaign in December 2020 to spread awareness and facilitate Covid-19 vaccination to all eligible residents and citizens.

A team of Bohra doctors and experts was mobilized to educate and encourage people to come forward and get vaccinated. Special sensitizing programs-including awareness webinars–were conducted to explain the importance of taking the vaccine and protecting the health of their family and the nation. Thousands of Bohra community members benefited and got vaccinated in the UAE from the three-month long internal #RiseToVaccinate community campaign.

Dr Shabbir Saifuddin, leading this vaccination campaign said, “So far almost all medically eligible senior community members and children with special needs in Dubai have received the vaccination. Credit to our volunteers who have been working relentlessly and making all the pertinent arrangements at our community centers to ensure that the vaccination roll-out is smooth and as per the government guidelines.”

As our nation fights against Covid-19, we’ll continue to support the UAE health authorities in their mission to vaccinate all the members as early as possible,” Saifuddin added.

As per the reports, the UAE is currently ranked among the top 5 nations globally in terms of overall vaccine rollout.