A Virtual Get-Together of Dawoodi Bohra Women Doctors of Dubai

A Virtual Get-Together of Dawoodi Bohra Women Doctors of Dubai

Women doctors from the Dawoodi Bohra community of Dubai held an interactive virtual session where doctors, nurses and other professionals from the medical field huddled together in a meeting where they discussed a wide range of issues related to the pandemic and shared their experiences and the effects it had on their individual lives. 


The meet was organised by female doctors, nurses and support team from Burhani First Aid. The group, which comprised 114 members, shared their experiences and work since the beginning of the pandemic and how far they have come in their professions since then. 


Dr. Munira Furniturewala – Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist in Dubai since 1999 and her colleague Dr. Zainab Kachwala highlighted how in-person meetings had become untenable due to the restrictive nature of lockdowns, and teleconsultations enabled them to function smoothly at a time when collaboration and consultation was the need of the hour with high case numbers and fully occupied ICUs.


A Dentist with a passion for art, Dr. Habiba reflected on how calligraphy helped her cope amidst the harrowing times. She said that calligraphy was the balm of her troublesome days, offering a respite in its meandering and curving style. Practising it everyday channelised her frustration into an act of discipline which helped her be more conscious and synergised in the fight against Covid-19. 


Some among the group were frontliners as well as covid survivors themselves. One of them, Dr Fatema Mazahir – Pediatrician recounted her trials and triumphs against the pandemic with a wave of emotions welling up in her speech.


There was also a vote of thanks for the government whose timely interventions in imposing lockdowns and availing necessary medical amenities contributed greatly to the swift decline in cases.


All the doctors had a word of acknowledgement and gratitude for the immense sacrifices and unwavering efforts of other medical frontliners in the UAE & the world over who stood as the guard rails of humanity against the invisible menace.