Dawoodi Bohras across the Middle East mark World Environment Day 2021

Abu Dhabi, UAE It's Time for Nature!

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عالمنا ، اهتمامنا 

Our Planet, Our Responsibility!


Sustainability and preservation lie at the core of the Dawoodi Bohra ethos. By launching various proactive campaigns throughout the year, ranging from cleanliness drives, bird conservation programs to curbing food wastage, the community has always sought to advocate awareness & action when it comes to the environment. On the 5th of June, a day when we all ask ourselves what we could do differently to protect our planet, Dawoodi Bohra members in the Middle East came together in various cities to conduct programs and initiatives aimed at stressing the importance of individual as well as collective action towards environmental restoration.

Sharjah, UAE

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


Sharjah, UAE Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


To spread awareness, ladies from the Sharjah community upcycled yoghurt tubs into interactive pots and planted 50 saplings signifying the 50th year of the UAE’s independence.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

It’s Time for Nature!

Abu Dhabi, UAE It's Time for Nature!


Ecosystem Restoration means preventing, halting and reversing the damage caused to natural ecosystems due to human endeavour. Keeping this in mind, eco-warriors from the Dawoodi Bohra Abu Dhabi team planted bougainvillaea trees at Mohammed Bin Zayed City and across other pockets in the city.


Community members in Abu Dhabi also hosted a tree plantation program in Mayoor Private School where the Principal, Dr Anna Pagdiwala, showcased various upcycling and recycling projects while encouraging participation in other environmental programs.

Doha, Qatar

Be a part of the solution, not the pollution!


Doha, Qatar Be a part of the solution, not the pollution!


As the heat soars, most of us turn to bottled water to keep hydrated. Using up dozens of water bottles a week is not great for the environment. Mindful and responsible use of plastics is the need of the hour, and we seriously need to rethink our throw-away culture. To spread awareness on the pressing issue of one-time-use plastics, Dawoodi Bohra women in Doha, Qatar, upcycled over 170 plastic bottles for vertical gardening in and around the Ain Khaled neighbourhood.

Dubai, UAE

The Earth is ours to use, but not ours to misuse!


Dubai, UAE The Earth is ours to use, but not ours to misuse!


Problems are created when we see nature as a profitable resource and not as an entity that sustains our lives. To accentuate such environmental concerns and to propose practical solutions, a unique virtual dialogue was held in Dubai UAE, amongst members of the Dawoodi Bohra Community, to identify issues and suggest pragmatic solutions that every individual could implement in their personal lives as well as in the community as a whole. A strong focus was laid on educating and inspiring young minds about environmental preservation and sustainable development.


The issue of disposing of organic waste in landfills was addressed, which heavily contributes to the considerable spike of methane in the atmosphere. One of the unique solutions proposed was reusing tea leaves as a fertiliser when prepared at community halls for its members.


If it can’t be reused, it must be refused! 


Kuwait If it can't be reused, it must be refused!


For the past few months, Dawoodi Bohra women in Kuwait have been working in collaboration with Al Nowair, CEFAS, UNDP and United Nations for the State of Kuwait, to upcycle plastic waste. Together, the Dawoodi Bohras of Kuwait, under the umbrella of ‘Project Rise’, launched the #ILoveKuwait campaign to raise awareness about single use plastics, aiming to find sustainable alternatives to replace and reduce the usage of plastic nationwide, with a goal of protecting the environment.

Be the Change!


Ecosystem restoration is a global undertaking at a massive scale. It requires repairing vast swathes of land destroyed by human negligence and is typically undertaken by governments and large organisations. 


The significance of grassroot action is, however, critical in assisting governments achieve this goal. Growing trees, greening our cities, responsible consumption, and mindful disposal on an individual level can go a long way.


It is our responsibility to preserve the environment for our future generations. Every step taken in the right direction, no matter how small, matters.