Syedna Saifuddin spreads message of peace through Sharjah discourse

Gulf News

Sultan Al-Bohra, the 53rd Al-Dai Al-Mutlaq Mufaddal Saifuddin, delivered a discourse at the Masjid al-Fatimeen al-Bohra in Sharjah last Tuesday. The newly-expanded Masjid was inaugurated by Al-Bohra Saifuddin during his visit to Sharjah in early 2020.

During the discourse, Al-Bohra Saifuddin mentioned that his father, the late Sultan Al-Bohra Mohammed Burhanuddin, had visited the UAE numerous times. It was the gracious hospitality of the UAE Rulers and also the love of the Bohra community in the UAE that had brought him to the UAE.

He advised the community to raise their children with utmost love while carefully nurturing their upbringing in a positive manner. He counselled community members to remain loyal and law-abiding while continuing with their contribution towards the progress and development of the UAE.

Sultan Al-Bohra Saifuddin expressed his gratitude towards the UAE Rulers and UAE government organisations for their exemplary leadership and constant support towards the Dawoodi Bohra community and other communities who peacefully live in the country. He ended his sermon praying for peace and prosperity of the nation.

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