Bahrain Government Ready To Support Expansion Of Online Businesses

This story was reported in News of Bahrain on April 4, 2023.

Bahrain intends to lower the hurdles for Commercial Registration (CR) applications and promote online businesses through social media, it has been revealed.

The government has recognized the relevance of digitalization for firms as it strives to raise revenue from non-oil sources to encourage small, medium, and large-scale businesses, said Nibras Mohamed Talib, Assistant Undersecretary of Commercial Registrations and Companies at the Industry and Commerce Ministry.

He was speaking during a special event with the Bohra business community of Bahrain, organised by Ali Asghar.

The talk show, “Talking Business in Ramadan-Your Digital Footprint,” was held in the Dawoodi Bohra Masjid and featured several social media influencers and business experts, focusing on trends and growth in the business world.

Mr Talib highlighted the importance of online businesses by saying, “The government has realised the use of digital businesses. Every business entity must have a CR (Commercial registration certificate) from MOIC (Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism), for the activity allowed for the business, then the digital online presence itself, does not require any additional permissions at this time. We have identified the difficulties of applying CR, and we should reduce the barriers. I think digitalisation is a must for future businesses.”

The talk show featured several special panellists, including DHL’s Director of Purchase (Middle East and Africa) Mufaddal Poonawala, social media manager Mufaddal Kaizer, social media businessman Taher Salman and A.A. Kothambawala Company’s Senior Manager (Electrical Division) Abbas Shakir.

The series of programs enables introspection in business, encouraging the learning of new aspects of modern business, said the organisers.

“As the government of Bahrain aims to promote digitalisation and online businesses, it will help enhance business capabilities and boost small, medium, and large-scale business practices.”

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