Dawoodi Bohra Students Highlight COP28 Opening with Large-Scale Net Zero Artwork

Over 500 students at the Dawoodi Bohra's MSB private schools handcrafted 250 solar lights to reduce carbon emission.

Showcasing their care and passion for environmental sustainability, students from Dubai, celebrated the opening of COP28 today with the unveiling of a stunning Large-Scale Net Zero Artwork. Partnering with Liter of Light and Dawoodi Bohra’s global philanthropic initiative, Project Rise, over 500 students came together in this Climate Action workshop to handcraft 250 solar lights, each capable of reducing a metric tonne of carbon emissions over its five-year working life.

The installation, unveiled on the first day of COP28, signifies a powerful contribution to the conference’s theme of actionism. Each of these beacons of sustainable energy and environmental responsibility took just 30 minutes to assemble.

The programme aligned with the UAE Year of Sustainability and coincided with the UAE’s 52nd National Day. Illac Diaz, the founder of the social initiative Liter of Light and My Shelter Foundation was invited to the school campus as a special guest of honor and speaker alongside the representative of Sultan al Bohra Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin in the UAE, Kinana Jamaluddin.

Addressing students at the workshop, Diaz said, “More than ever, actionism is about making sure that we are not just spectators, but people of action. It is very nice to see each child responsible for being able to make their own solar light. Sustainable, replicable and at the same time they saw each individual can make a difference with their own hands and even greater together for climate action.”

Mustafa Fefco, Project Rise coordinator in Dubai shared, “Aligning with the sustainable vision of the UAE and as per the teachings of Sultan al Bohra Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, the Dawoodi Bohra community in different Emirates continue to undertake various environmental conservation campaigns. From mangrove and date palm tree planting to cleanliness and waste management drives, members of community are promoting the culture of sustainable practices at home, offices and at the community centres.”

The climate action workshop aimed at inspiring students and transferring essential skills for climate action, affordable and clean energy, and fostering partnerships for sustainable goals. The celebration for the Year of Sustainability on the 52nd National Day included a unique light illumination using the solar lights produced during the workshop.

This initiative reflects the Dawoodi Bohra community’s continued commitment to nurturing environmentally conscious global citizens and contributing to sustainable initiatives in the UAE and across the globe.

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