Dedication, Discipline, And Perseverance – How Sameena Golawala Memorised The Quran

Sameena Golawala, a spirited 11-year-old from the Dawoodi Bohras of Ajman has the distinction of memorising the entire Quran.

Memorizing the Quran demands unwavering dedication, rigorous discipline, and considerable perseverance. Spanning 114 chapters and comprising more than 6,000 verses, each with its own length and intricacies, it is a monumental task requiring not just a fleeting commitment but a dedicated effort that stretches over several years.

The journey of memorization is compounded by the challenge of not only retaining previously learned sections but also mastering new ones, necessitating a strong mental and emotional resolve.

Yet, through appropriate techniques, solid support systems, and an environment conducive to learning, a distinguished few, including young learners, have successfully committed the entire Quran to memory.

One remarkable young lady, Sameena Golawala of the Ajman Dawoodi Bohra community, achieved this significant milestone at just 11 years old.

Samina said, “Despite starting to speak at a later age and learning two languages—English and Lisan al-Dawat, the Dawoodi Bohras’ own language which is derived from Gujarati, Arabic, Persian, and Urdu—I took on the challenge of memorizing the entire Quran aged just seven.

“But by breaking down each word and linking it with everyday things, I gradually made progress.”

Sameena began her Hifz journey by memorizing the shortest and final chapter of the Quran, the Juz Amma.  Quite an achievement in itself, she believed this was as far as she would go. However, when she was given a copy of the Quran by her teacher, Sameena was inspired to keep going, leading to her eventual memorisation of the complete Quran.

Sameena continued, “My journey was slow at first, made more difficult by a lack of proper guidance.  But then I met a 10-year-old “Hafiz”—someone who has memorized the Quran—from my community, and she changed my entire approach to Hifz by helping me plan my schedule.  I spent my early mornings and after-school hours memorizing the Quran, so that I could complete my school work in the day.”

Tasneem, Sameena’s Mother, said, “We meticulously planned to ensure daily goals were met, even during our travels or family events, sometimes adjusting our schedule to maintain consistency. We also balanced Sameena’s Hifz with leisure activities. She enjoyed reading, painting, and baking, and used these as rewards during her breaks. Fridays were reserved for a complete break from Hifz, so that Sameena had a well-rounded routine.”

Despite the intensive focus on her Hifz, Sameena excelled academically, topping her class and receiving awards in mathematics, science, and the prize for being the overall best student of the year—a testament to the enriching power of dedicating oneself to the Quran.

This journey was not without its challenges, including sacrifices and emotional hurdles. Yet, through Sameena’s resilience, and the unwavering support of her family, Sameena triumphed.

Sameena concluded, “My Hifz journey showed that devoting myself to the Quran did not mean I could not enjoy other parts of my life.  In fact, memorizing the Quran has brought many blessings, enriching my life in many ways and bringing great pride to my family.”

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