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The Prophet Mohammed SAW has stated: ‘The Quran is nūur’ (a source of enlightenment). True to this Prophetic tradition, the Dawoodi Bohras revere the exalted word of Allah and strive to lead a life guided by the light of divine revelation. Moreover, it is the vision of the community leader, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, that each Muslim household should have at least one member who has committed the entire Holy Quran to memory. Inspired by this vision, the Bohra community in the Middle East diligently undertakes hifz al-Quran (memorisation) programmes under the community’s institute for Quranic sciences known as Mahad al-Zahra. In addition to memorisation, the courses help develop proper articulation, a better understanding of the types of recitation and also include preliminary instruction in the meanings and nuances of Quranic verses.

Business & Economic Development

The name ‘Bohra’ comes from the Gujarati word ‘vohra’ which means trader. In keeping with this identity and the entrepreneurial spirit it inspires, community members migrated to various nations across the Middle East in the quest for better business prospects and to expand their horizons in professional fields.

The Dawoodi Bohras of the Middle East continue to thrive in their business endeavours and strive to contribute to the economic development of their countries. They have instituted various community-driven initiatives that help propel the business-minded agenda of the community to greater heights. Additionally, the community’s local business forums such as FPA (Fakhri Professionals https://www.fakhriprofessionals.com/) and Jamiat Tujjar provide a network to develop  businesses and offer new opportunities for budding entrepreneurs.


The Prophet SAW has stated: ‘Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim man and woman.’ Education is fundamental for human development and progress and the Dawoodi Bohra community continues to champion this noble cause. Bohra students travel across the world for educational prospects and enroll in a wide range of programs. The Dawoodi Bohra Community operates nearly a hundred schools and institutes across the world providing a stepping stone towards a brighter future. The community is proud to have two of its MSB Educational Institutes in the region; one in Dubai and the other in Kuwait. The idea of a holistic education is at the core of these institutes which provide an enriching upbringing as a result of effective synthesis between tradition and modernity. The K-12 curriculum of these institutes focuses not only on acquiring knowledge but also on developing values and imparting  practical skills with an aim to produce graduates of the highest calibre well equipped to tackle the challenges of modern life and dedicated to the betterment of humanity at large.  Local administrative organisations also offer a range of scholarships to students who wish to pursue higher education either within the Middle East or abroad.

Social Contribution

The Prophet Mohammed SAW states: ‘All Creation is a family dependent on Allah Ta’ala. The most beloved of all Creation to Him, therefore, is the one who benefits His family the most.’ Empowered by this philosophy, the Dawoodi Bohra community of the Middle East strives to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate in any way possible. Under the banner of the community’ s global philanthropic arm, Project Rise, the community undertakes a wide spectrum of initiatives and activities in varied fields including but not limited to healthcare, nutrition, hygiene, environmental responsibility and conservation as well as education. It aims to bring about a wholesome and comprehensive uplift in the lives of all humankind.

Love for our Nation

The land that provides one their livelihood is indeed their motherland. The Prophet Mohammed SAW has underscored the significance of one’s land of abode by stating, ‘Love for one’s country is an integral part of faith’. The Middle East has long been a home to the Dawoodi Bohra community where successive generations have and continue to live and thrive in peace and harmony. The community’s leader Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin has repeatedly called on all community members to remain loyal and law abiding citizens of the nations in which they reside.

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